Beca’s yellow plaid shirt appreciation.

coconutangie said:
Thank you so much sweetheart. I love your blog. :D <3

you’re welcome! and thank you! :)

Anna being a dumb to try and get her girlfriend’s attention (and Anna, you’re supposed to sit next to your lover).

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coconutangie said:
Hey darling, I was wondering do you still have the screencaps for the holiday transition from Pitch Perfect? (:

sorry for the delay! i had internet issues. but here’s a zip file with 145 caps. i only capped beca and chloe. :)

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Happy 29th Birthday, Anna!

Anonymous said:
Where can I watch the video of Beca and Chloe "close talking" at initiation night? Like the one that is in your avi? I can't find it anywhere but in gifs? Love your page btw :) <3 ~Hannah

here you go! :) and thank you!


Finally finished my first ever bechloe art done on Photoshop! [round of applause.] I did Beca first and it took hours, so that’s why Chloe doesn’t look as detailed. I kinda cheated with the dress, but oh well. 

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